Inspections: Level I - Level II

Level I Inspections

Required weekly EHS inspections in laboratories that are to be performed by the PI or delegated to lab member such as EHS Representative.

Level 1 checklist and guidance:

Level II Inspections

These inspections are conducted across each department, laboratory or center (DLC) for all PIs/Supervisors. The following documents are used by EHS Coordinators, EHS office staff, and other designated inspectors during the EHS inspection.

Twice yearly (or in some cases annual) inspections of all areas at MIT with potential environment, health, and safety hazards. Inspections are performed by EHS Coordinators, EHS Office staff, and in some cases, additional personnel in the DLC.  PIs and Supervisors and/or their delegated representatives may be required to respond to findings from these inspections.

EHS-MS Inspection Home

EHS-MS Inspection System for entering, reporting, and responding to inspection findings.

Level II Checklists and guidance on standard inspection findings:

User Guides

Inspection SOP