New PI Checklist

Step by step checklist for new Faculty(PI) overseeing research labs:

Get to know your Department, Lab or Center’s EHS Coordinator and Lead Contact.  Refer to the table linked at right for name and contact information.

EHS Coordinator and Lead Contact List

Complete an EHS Training Needs Profile in Atlas to identify your required training and assure all personnel working in the lab complete training profile/requirements (need MIT ID and Kerberos name and certificates).

Training Page

Atlas Learning Center FAQ

Training Profile FAQ

If renovations are being done to prepare a space for your research needs, involve EHS to assure the space meets your EHS needs.  Review the information and complete the EHS laboratory assessment form.

EHS Considerations for Lab Design and Remodeling

EHS Laboratory Assessment Form (LAF)

Designate a person to be the lab EHS Rep.  (Note:  Sometimes new PIs serve as the EHS Rep until their lab is more established.)

EHS Rep Responsibilities

Once the lab is operational and an EHS Rep is chosen, contact EHS Coordinator to register space and obtain emergency green cards.

Summary of Space Registration

EHS Coordinator List

Review the Chemical Hygiene Plan for your DLC and your responsibilities listed in this plan.  Ask your EHS Coordinator for a copy of the plan.

EHS Coordinator List

Establish a Chemical Inventory using one of the tools provided. 

Chemical Inventory Information

Biological agents.  For most research with biological agents, you will need to complete a biological research registration for review by the Committee on Assessment of Biohazards (CAB). Contact the Biosafety Program at 2-EHSS for assistance.

Details for Registering Biological Research

Human materials.  For work with human materials, you will need to complete an exposure control plan.

Details for Completing an Exposure Control Plan

Radioactive materials.  For work with radioactive materials, you will need a Radioactive Materials Use Authorization.  Contact the Radiation Protection Program at 2-3477.

Radiation Protection Program


Obtain and enforce use of personal protective equipment for lab research.  In addition to information linked at right, you will find useful information on PPE requirements and selection in your department's Chemical Hygiene Plan.

Information Regarding Personal Protective Equipment

Work with your EHS Coordinator to establish hazardous waste management procedures in your lab.

EHS Coordinator List

Waste Management Guidance

Establish procedures for conducting weekly inspections in the lab, referred to as Level I Inspections, and addressing inspection findings. 

Inspection Information and Checklists - Level I