EHS Recognition Program

Recognition, an Institute-wide program sponsored by Human Resources, provides opportunities to recognize employees for exceptional contributions and achievements. This program, supported by the Environmental Programs / EHS Headquarters Office and Environment, Health, and Safety Office was designed to highlight excellence by acknowledging individuals and teams for work that goes above and beyond expectations for the betterment of the department, Institute, and community.


There are two ways to recognize and award employees within EP/EHO and EHS, as well as colleagues from other departments who demonstrate excellence. The first is with an "Appreciation Award" and the second is with an "Infinite Mile Award".


Please take a few minutes to read the award criteria and to then acknowledge the hard work and exceptional achievements of your peers, co-worker, and or colleagues.



Appreciation Awards

Appreciation Awards (a.k.a. " On-The-Spot " or "Spot Awards" ) are presented at the time of achievement. They are intended as informal, on the spot, day-to-day recognition for a job well done. Small gifts, lunches, group events or outings are among the awards that are given to the award recipient(s) in appreciation.


The types of contributions that might be recognized through an Appreciation Award are:

  • Staying late to help someone prepare a presentation for the next day.
  • Volunteering to cover for a co-worker who is out sick.
  • Going out of your way to help prevent an accident.
  • Exceeding expectations for a goal or milestone in a long-term collaborative project.

To give an employee an Appreciation Award, speak to your manager or supervisor for guidance and then submitt a "Spot Appreciation" nomination form


Infinite Mile Awards


The Infinite Mile Awards, of which there are four categories, are annual cash awards. These awards are given to individuals or teams, specifically within the EP/EHO and EHS, in recognition of their exceptional contributions to health, safety and environmental stewardship at the Institute. The Infinite Mile Awards are intended to acknowledge an exceptional effort on behalf of service, support, and administrative staff. Subcontractors, consultants, outsourced, and temporary employees are not eligible.

The four categories of the Infinite Mile Award are:


  • Distinguished Service Award 
    Presented to an individual who demonstrates an exceptional attitude while exceeding expectations and delivers customer service above and beyond the expected level. Recipients of this award exemplify the values and goals of the Institute and the Environmental Programs / EHS Headquarters Office and the Environment, Health, and Safety Office.


  • Service Award 
    Presented to an individual who recognizes and seizes the opportunity to provide exemplary customer service in a creative and meaningful way. This individual displays initiative and works effortlessly to accomplish his or her goal while maintaining a positive attitude and high standards in his or her work.


  • Positive Attitude Award
    Presented to an individual who consistently maintains an optimistic attitude. This person positively influences colleagues with a professional and friendly demeanor while demonstrating competence and effectiveness, particularly under stressful conditions. This individual serves as a role model to others, demonstrating that although change can be stressful, a positive attitude is a key to success.


  • EHS Innovation Award

    This award is for teams and/or individuals who:

    • Create new ways of accomplishing EHS work through collaborative problem solving; breaking down boundaries and/or creating new relationships to improve safety culture.
    • Embrace change as an opportunity for growth and innovation.
    • Plan and implement strategies that increase efficiency and are in the best interests of the organization.
    • Take a proactive and innovative approach toward finding sustainable solutions to institute challenges.


Submit a Nomination!

Anyone in the Environmental Programs / EHS Headquarters Office and Environment, Health, and Safety Office can nominate a colleague from EP/EHO /EHS. Employees are also encouraged to recognize co-workers outside of these groups. All Infinite Mile Awards nominations must be submitted to the EHS Recognition Committee. After careful review, the Committee will select the recipients.


Please follow these three steps:

  • Select the appropriate category;
  • Complete form; and
  • Hit the submit button.

Remember to provide specific details of the nominee's accomplishments in your write-up!


IMPORTANT: Nominations for fiscal year 2019 Infinite Mile Awards are due to the Recognition Committee by May 1, 2019.


2019 Recognition Committee Members:

  • Nadia Morrison (Co-chair)
  • Jackie Leahy (Co-chair)
  • Brendan Ettridge
  • Wilfred Mbah
  • Suzanne Adams
  • Hans Richter


2018 Infinite Mile Award Recipients 

  • Mike Dunn- Distinguished Service
  • Judith Reilly, Ryan Toolin, Daniel Alexander - Innovative Solutions
  • Damon Baptista, Scott McNey, James Doughty, Mary Lindstrom, Michael DeBerio, Mitchell Galanek, Michael Dunn, Phyllis Carter, Andrew Kalil - Mission, Vison, Values Team Award


Past recipients of the MIT Excellence Awards:

  • 2017 Rosa Liberman - Serving the Client, William McCarthy - Innovative Solutions
  • 2016 Jessica Van - Serving the Client
  • 2013 Regulated Medical Waste Management Team: Michael DeBerio, Robert Farley, John Fucillo, Mitch Galanek, Mark Linehan, Michele Miele, Beth Rice, Rosario Silvestri, Ronald Stoute & Christopher Tavares - Serving the Client
  • 2012 Commuter Connections Team: Robynn Cruz, Ruth Davis, Larry Brutti, Zhanna Davidovitz - Greening MIT
  • 2011 Louis DiBerardinis - Bringing Out the Best

Past recipients of the "Infinite Mile" Awards:

  • 2017 John Quattrochi - Positive Attitude Award, Iraj Aalaei - Service Award, Mary Lindstrom - Distinguished Service Award, Nadia Morrison - Unsung Hero Award

  • 2016 Brian Smith - Distinguished Service AwardNiamh Kelly - Distinguished Service AwardRyan Toolin - Service AwardKathryn Blass - Service AwardSadie Markewicz - Positive Attitude Award
  • 2015 Marissa Cardwell - Service Award; Fabiolah Hernandez - Positive Attitude Award; Bob Edwards -  Distinguished Service Award; Emily Rankin, Joe MacLeod, Niamh Kelly, Bob Edwards, Phyllis Cater - Team Award
  • 2014 Phyllis Carter - Service Award; Claudia Mickelson, John Collins - Positive Attitude Award; Bill McCarthy - Distinguished Service Award
  • 2013 Brian McAnneny - Service Award; Jim Doughty - Distinguished Service Award; Bob Kirby, Michael Yarsky, Kelsey Magnuson, Jackie Leahy - Positive Attitude Award; Bret Dyer, Craig Bryer - Team Award
  • 2012 EHS Infinite Mile Awards Recipients - Hao Nguyen, Jessica Van, Laurie Veal, Mitchell Galanek, Mark Linehan, Fred McWilliams
  • 2011 Lauren Russo - Positive Attitude Award, Martha Adams - Positive Attitude Award, Susan Leite - Service Award; Distinguished Service Award winners: Kathryn Blass, Claudia Mickelson, Hans Richter
  • 2010 Diane Cormier – Distinguished Service Award, Nancy Doherty – Service Award, Lou DiBerardinis – Leadership Award, Niamh Kelly, Bret Dyer, Dan Kallin, Andy Kalil, and Abby Licnikas - Team Award, Bob Edwards & Nadia Morrison – Special Service Award
  • 2009 Barry Mendes (Team Award), Heidi Montanari (Service Award), Jessica Van (Service Award), Niamh Kelly (Positive Attitude Award), Hans Richter (Distinguished Service Award), Dan Kallin (Team Award), Emily Ranken (Team Award), 
  • 2008 Angie Birnbaum, Katie Blass, Michael DeBerio, Robert Farley, Melissa Kavlakli, Judi Reilly, Ryan Samz, Rosario Silvestri, and Ron Stoute. 
  • 2007 Deying Sun, Emily Ranken, Pamela Greenley
  • 2006 Andrew Kalil, Robert Kirby, Hao Nguyen
  • 2005 Maureen Fitzgerald, Steven Greenlaw, Marilyn Hallock, Rhonda O'Keefe, Beth Rice, Laurie Veal
  • 2003 Justin Adams, William McShea, Seth Seligman
  • 2002 David Barber
  • 2001 Katie Blass, Zhanna Davidovitz, Gerry Fallon, Marilyn Hallock, William McCarthy, Carolyn Stahl, William VanSchalkwyk


Further information to MIT's Recognition Programs is available at:


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