Chemical Hygiene Program

Laboratory Users of Hazardous Chemicals:     


How do I obtain my Chemical Hygiene Plan?  


Contact your Department EHS Coordinator, Chemical Hygiene Officer or Laboratory Rep to either get a physical copy of your Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP) or a link to its site on the Department web page. Every user of hazardous chemicals at MIT must be trained to handle them safely.  Every student and employee in the department who uses hazardous chemicals in a laboratory must read the CHP and be familiar with its contents. Tell your EHS Coordinator or Chemical Hygiene Officer when you have read the plan and they will get you credit for reading it.


Your CHP contains information on how to safely handle corrosives, carcinogens, flammables, toxics, particularly hazardous substances, and other hazardous materials including those with physical hazards.  In addition you will need to complete general chem hygiene and lab specific training.  Go to the EHS Training site to select your lab activities and sign up for any additional training required for your work.



Department Chemical Hygiene Officers:


How do I develop a Chemical Hygiene Plan for my Department?


Review the EHS Preparer’s Guide to learn how to develop a plan. EHS has prepared a template that you can customize for your department’s unique chemicals and procedures. You can contact your EHS/IHP team member for guidance.


Every year the EHS Office updates the CHP template according to OSHA and MIT requirements.  You must incorporate these changes and update your plan annually.  EHS will review your revised plan annually for compliance with OSHA and MIT requirements.