Highly Toxic Chemicals

Certain Highly Toxic Chemicals at MIT require special procedures for procuring, and then for storing them once received in the lab. These chemicals are  arsenic trioxide, chlorine, hydrogen cyanide, nitrous oxide, phosgene, potassium cyanide (analytical reagent and purified), sodium arsenate (analytical reagent), sodium cyanide (analytical reagent).


When purchasing these chemicals for use in the lab, a requisition approval form provided on the Procurement website must be signed by a member of the Institute community with the title Department Head, Laboratory Director, Professor, M.D., or Pharmacist. Approval forms for purchasing these items can be found on the following page:  https://vpf.mit.edu/forms/4/1130. On this form, the lab Principal Investigator can also designate additional lab members authorized to purchase these Highly Toxic Chemicals. This form should be submitted by the PI when materials are first being ordered online, then referenced in the comments section on any subsequent purchase orders of the chemicals. For additional informaiton, or questions, please contact Procurement: https://vpf.mit.edu/instructions-for-purchasing-hazardous-and-dangerous-items


Once these chemicals are received in the lab, the following storage security requirements apply:


Secure Highly Toxic Chemicals in laboratories or storerooms that are kept locked at all times when laboratory personnel are not present. Additional precautions are required for securing these chemicals, such as keeping the materials under a second layer of security e.g. locked storage or gas cabinet, drawer, storeroom or other security measures. Contact environment@mit.edu with your chemical security questions.


Finally, Access to all hazardous chemicals, including toxic and corrosive substances, should be restricted at all times.


Please refer to your department, lab or center's Chemical Hygiene Plan for more details on this and other chemicals that may require DLC-specific prior approvals.