Campus Design and Construction Support

The Campus Design and Construction Support (CDCS) Team provides assistance to the Department of Facilities Project Managers for construction and renovation projects on the MIT campus. EHS Officers serve in the roles of Project Liaison and Construction Safety Liaison. These EHS Liaisons are important members of the project team. They serve to make EHS support more available and to address Project Managers’ concerns, from the initiation of a project through commissioning and turnover. Our goal is to provide the best possible customer service to projects, representing EHS interests on behalf of MIT and the MIT community.


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Defining the EHS Liaison Roles


A project may be assigned one EHS officer who will serve as both EHS Project Liaison and EHS Construction Safety Liaison through the life of the project, or there may be two different EHS officers in these roles. How they are assigned will depend on the complexity and specific needs of a project. The EHS Liaisons are assigned by the EHS CDCS Team Leader, and serve as the point of contact to the Department of Facilities (DoF) and all EHS sub-disciplines (occupational safety, biological safety, industrial hygiene, radiation protection, and environmental protection).


EHS Project Liaison (PL)


The EHS Project Liaison (PL) is the initial EHS support to a construction or renovation project. To best serve the Project Manager, it is the EHS PL’s job to coordinate EHS-related communication within the project. The EHS PL keeps the EHS CSL notified of progress, and ensures that they are actively involved. The EHS Project Liaison ensures that DLC Coordinators and appropriate EHS Lead Contacts are informed of projects in their buildings and spaces.


EHS Project Liaisons are an important member of the Project Team from the early phases of a project. During the design of a project the EHS PL assists the Project Manager by acting as an interpreter of codes and regulations and as a resource for EHS-related issues. The EHS PL can provide advice on finding outside EHS-consultants when needed. It is intended that EHS Project Liaisons are involved early in a project. They should be available to review and comment on plans and documents throughout the design and construction process.


EHS Construction Safety Liaison (CSL)


The EHS Construction Safety Liaison (CSL) is the primary liaison to the project once demolition and construction begins. They assist the Project Manager in identifying hazards and developing mitigation plans, and by responding to MIT employee or student concerns. They are a resource for the project team for EHS issues, questions, or regulatory interpretations. It is useful for the EHS CSL to be involved in the design stages, so they are familiar with the scope of a project.


The EHS CSL plays an important role in ensuring the safety of the MIT community and visitors to the MIT campus. During the active phases of a project, the EHS CSL represents MIT’s interest in identifying and mitigating hazards associated with the project to which MIT employees, students or visitors may be exposed. The EHS CSL works with the Project Managers, outside construction managers, general contractors and subcontractors with the goal of a safe and environmentally sound project. The EHS CSL is active in the project through commissioning and turn-over.