Forms and Tools

Laboratory Assessment Form (LAF) – The laboratory assessment form completed by researchers and space occupants to identify activities, processes, hazardous material use, and equipment requirements for the proposed laboratory renovation and construction.


Evacuation Route Diagrams (ERD)Egress maps are created and stored by FIS. The EHS CSL will coordinate with FIS on new or revised ERDs in a project area or adjacent spaces.


EHS Thematic Folder – the EHS Thematic Folder is a document containing EHS specific design related issues for new construction and renovation projects.  The information in the folder is part of the overall MIT Design Standards and the intended audience is design professionals but Project Managers and other project staff should be familiar with the content.  There are additional EHS related issues and items described in the individual Division sections of the MIT Design standards (for example Division 23 – HVAC) – checking in both the Thematic Folder and the relevant Division sections will provide a thorough description of our expectations for a given topic.   


A separate Lab Design Thematic Folder describes specific lab design issues.


Hot-work form – needs to be completed and submitted prior to hot work beginning on the job site. This is becoming a process in eBuilder. 

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Universal Waste List – Coming Soon!


X-Ray testing – Required for any X-ray or laser work being performed on campus – form must be submitted no less than 24 hours prior to work beginning

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