Project Construction

MIT requires all contractors at a minimum meet OSHA 1926 standards while performing work on campus. Contractors will be required to refer to their respective company polices in regards to (confined space, fall protection, LOTO, etc...) These plans will be laid out in the site safety plans that are submitted by contractors after they have been awarded a project. Safety and mitigation plans are developed describing the protection of contractor employees. These documents also include information on protection and minimizing the impact of the project on the MIT Community. In accordance with OSHA 1926 – All employees on the job site will receive proper training allowing them to safely complete the tasks at hand.


Confined Spaces

For information on MIT-EHS guidance on work in confined spaces, please see: Workplace Safety/Confined Spaces


Fall Protection

For all work being performed on the MIT campus all contractors and sub-contractors will be required to conform, at a minimum, with (OSHA 1926.500 subpart M) in regards to the use of Fall Protection and training. Where the contractors’ company policies (noted in their site safety plan) are more stringent than those in (1926.500 subpart M), they will then need to follow the more stringent requirements.


For information on MIT-EHS guidance on fall protection, please see: Workplace Safety/Fall Protection


Fire Safety

  • Hot Work Permitting
  • NFPA 241 Plans
  • Interim Life Safety Plans
  • Storage of Gases and Chemicals