Gammacell Irradiator Safety




In order for a researcher to use any of the four Gammacell irradiators on campus, Radiation Protection Program (RPP) offers a general Radiation Safety: Irradiator, course 341c and a specific hands-on training for each of our 4 irradiators.  Contact Radiation Protection directly to schedule the trainings. 


For those researchers needing an item irradiated on a one time basis contact EHS Radiation Protection and we will irradiate the item for you.


The hands-on courses are done following the completion of course 341c. If you have taken the Radiation Safety: Laboratory for unsealed radioactive material course 301c, you need not take course 341c as that material is covered in 301c.


Training Requirments: 

Gammacell Irradiator Safety (EHS00341c)

Course Description

The course covers basic radiation safety as it pertains to Gammacell irradiators for those who are not registered radiation workers at MIT and will only use an irradiator. This course is a prerequisite to the Hands–on training specific to one of four different Gammacell irradiators (courses 342c, 343c, 344c, and 345c).  There is an exam at the conclusion of this course.  Researchers who have taken the Radiation Safety:Laboratory for the use of unsealed radioactive material (course301c) will not need to take course 341c as the material is also covered in course 301c. The topics covered in this course are:

  • Basics of an Irradiator
  • Ionizing radiation
  • Radiation interaction and shielding
  • Biological effects
  • Dosimeters and Geiger counters
  • Radiation surveys
  • Massachusetts Radiation Control Program (MDPH) requirements

A use application packet includes two short “use” forms: Click here to access them (you will need a valid MIT certifcate)


Gammacell Irradiator Safety: User Hands-On training   (courses EHSO 342c, 343c, 344c and 345c)

Course Description

The trainee must be a MIT registered radiation worker or have taken the EHS course 341c. These hands-on training courses are intended for a researcher/technician to use one of four Gammacell irradiators on campus. The course is held at the designated facility and is approximately 30 minutes in length. There is an exam at the conclusion of the training and must be submitted to Radiation Protection Program for documentation of the trainee as a registered user of the irradiator.

  1. Gammacell 220 irradiator (course 342c) is located in the Biology Department (building 68)
  2. Gammacell 220E irradiator (course 343c) is located in the Bioengineering Division (building 6)
  3. Gammacell 40E irradiator (course 344c) is located in the Koch Institute  (building 76)
  4. Gammacell 40 irradiator (course 345c) is located in building E17

The irradiator training covers the following

  1. The description of the radiation sources
  2. Radiation safety concepts
  3. Operational use
  4. MDPH License requirements and security


Gammacell Irradiator Annual Refresher (course EHS0346c)

Course Description

The Gammacell irradiator user must attend this annual refresher in order to continue to have access to the irradiator facility.  User who do not attend this course will be removed from the active user list. Topics may include radiation safety, radiation dosimeters, the security alarm system and any updates or changes made during the year. The several sessions of this course are usually held in January. 


Download the Gammacell Irradiator Guide Here