Radioactive Material Safety

Radioactivity from unstable atomic nuclei and Electromagnetic Radiation of all frequencies are essential for research and learning environments at MIT.  Each of these poses a different type and level of risk.  The Radiation Protection Program (RPP) has an extensive base of experience and can help anticipate and identify these hazards.  The RPP has detection equipment that can monitor a variety of radiation producing materials or machines.  The main goal of the RPP is to provide a safe working area for radiation workers, the general public and environment while allowing creative and breakthrough research to continue.



The Radiation Protection Program Staff offers assistance and guidance when it comes to working with radioactive material or devices but it is the Radiation Protection Committee (RPC) that gives the authority to work with these hazards.  A PI requesting an Authorization for the use of radioactive material or an amendment to an existing authorization will be granted when approved by the RPC.



Download the Radiation Safety Guide Here