Dose Tracking



Monitoring of an individual’s external radiation exposure is required by 105 CMR 120.226 (A) if the external occupational dose is likely to exceed 10% of the annual limit appropriate for the individual. Monitoring is also required by MIT’s Massachusetts Department of Public Health License Conditions if an individual is working with P-32, I-125 or other high energy , X, or  emitter.  In addition, monitoring is provided at the request by user. Environmental monitors are posted in areas where Radiation Producing Devices are used (accelerators, X-ray Devices, etc.).




The dosimetry program uses the Landaur Luxel badges and TLD dosimeters. 


Dosimeter type according to monitoring needs:

Pa Luxel+ For Photon (x or gama ray), Beta
Ja Luxel+ For Photon (x or gamma ray), Beta, Fast Neutron
Ta Luxel+ For Photon (x or gamma ray), Beta, Fast/Thermal/Intermediate Neutron
U Ring TLD For Photon (x or gamma ray), Beta - hand dose monitoring


For Registred Radiation Workers


Evaluations of the individual’s potential exposure levels are performed during the registration and training of radiation workers by the RPP staff. The badges will be delievered to the indiviual at the MIT address provided to RPP by the indiviual, it is the indiviual's responsibility to ensure that the badges are returned at the end of the applicaible period. Do not ship these badge directly back to Landauer as this will result in additional fees for which the sender will be responsible for. The wearing period may be weekly, monthly, or quarterly for reoccuring external dose monitoring. Please send all badge to the EHS office in building N52-496 addressed to either Bob Kirby or Tina Dinh. 


Evaluations of a devices’s potential for increasing exposures levels above background and performed during the registration and survey of the device by the RPP staff. The appropriate environmental “area” monitoring is determined and assigned.



For questions about your dosimetry please email: or; or call 617-452-3477 during office hours



If you have already been assigned a badge some of your questions may be answered on the Landauer website. Follow the instructions below to access your information.