Radioactive Material Authorization

MIT has a broad scope Radioactive Material License from the State of Massachusetts that states what kind of radioactive material we may possess, what quantities we may possess and how we can use the radioactive material.

A PI seeking to use radioactive material will have to apply for a similar sub-license, usually referred to as a Radioactive Material Authorization.


Radioactive Material Authorization


The application for the use of radioactivity has three forms:

  • RP-01: Main application for possession and use of radioactive material.  (Users, Rooms, Waste, etc.)
  • RP-01 Section 8: Principle procedure(s) that describes the protocol for working with radioactive material.  It will be attached to the RP-01 form.
  • PI Application Page: Radiation Protection Staff will complete this form during an interview with the PI.


Responsibilities for the PI include:

  • Maintain an up-to-date listing of Radioactive Material Rooms and Users
  • Provide experiment-specific training to radiation workers
  • Maintain written inventory of material from all sources (source storage, waste, etc)
  • Inform RPP of new Radioactive material work
  • Ensure personnel wear appropriate PPE and when necessary, monitoring devices


Before a PI can start ordering and working with radioactive material, personnel that plan to work with radioactivity will need to take Radiation Safety Training provided by RPP.  The training will cover everything you need to know before working with radioactive material including how to order, how to work with radiation, and how to dispose of radioactive material.


Just as all radioactive material has a certain half-life, so does Radioactive Material Authorizations.  These authorizations will need to be refreshed on a two year cycle.  When the authorization is renewed, several items will be looked at.  The RP-01 from above will be updated, registered workers will receive their two year refresher training, and a few other items will be checked to ensure RPP and MIT maintains compliance with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.