X-ray Safety


There are various X-ray research facilities located throughout the MIT campus; such as X-ray diffraction (XRD) analysis, X-ray fluorescence (XRF), and direct X-ray transmission analysis of materials. Additional research facilities offer radiographic, diagnostic, fluoroscopic, and computed tomography (CT) services.

All MIT Departments, Labs and Centers (DLCs) that are operating X-Ray producing devices are required to comply with the Analytical X-Ray Safety Program. The MIT Radiation Protection Program (RPP) offers X-ray safety training and services to assist users in safe work practices and ensure regulatory compliance.


X-ray Safety Program

The MIT Analytical X-ray Safety Program is established to provide staff, researchers, students, and visitors with a safe X-ray use environment and to conform to the requirements set forth by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Regulations 105 CMR 120.600 and the policies set forth by the MIT Radiation Protection Committee.

MIT X-ray Safety Guide MIT X-ray Program Manual


Registration Process

MIT EHS maintains the inventory of all analytical x-ray devices on campus. Thus, all analytical x-ray devices brought on campus must be registered with the EHS RPP. Principle Investigators (PIs) with analytical x-ray devices MUST COMPLETE the registration process prior to beginning work with any analytical x-ray device in the laboratory.

Download fillable registration form to your PC and submit completed forms clicking on the submit button (or by emailing pdf to xray-registration@mit.edu).

X-ray Registration Form


Transfer/ Disposal of X-ray Equipment

Prior to transferring X-ray equipment within the institute or to off-site facilities or disposing of X-ray equipment please complete the following form.

Transfer/Disposal Form



All users of X-ray producing devices must complete the required X-ray training course (X-ray Training 361c) to become a registered user.

All members of the Department of Comparative Medicine (DCM) planning to operate X-ray equipment, please contact Ryan Toolin at rtoolin@mit.edu for training needs.


X-ray Safety Audit and Hazard Assessment

Upon installation of X-ray equipment, RPP Staff must be contacted to perform a required initial safety review. Once this is completed, the X-ray device will be reviewed annually per 105 CMR 120.600.

Radiation surveys, as required by 105 CMR 120.222, of all analytical x-ray systems sufficient to show compliance with 105 CMR 120.604(A) shall be performed:

  1. Upon installation of the equipment, and at least once every 12 months thereafter
  2. Following any change in the initial arrangement, number, or type of local components in the system
  3. Following any maintenance requiring the disassembly or removal of a local component in the system
  4. During the performance of maintenance and alignment procedures if the procedures require the presence of a primary x-ray beam when any local component in the system is disassembled or removed
  5. Any time a visual inspection of the local components in the system reveals an abnormal condition
  6. Whenever personnel monitoring devices show a significant increase over the previous monitoring period or the readings are approaching the limits specified in 105 CMR 120.211

X-ray Irradiators

The Department of Nuclear Science & Engineering (NSE) has supported the procurement of a 3,750 Wattmax X-ray irradiator capable of producing exposure rates between 0.2 R/min and 260 R/min. The MIT RPP controls the use of this X-ray irradiation facility and offers services to assist with using this device.

All users must satisfy to the following requirements:

  • Complete the required X-ray training course (X-ray Training 361c) to become a registered user
  • Contact and receive X-ray specific training from RPP Staff (x2-3477)

While the facility contains a list of preselected exposure configurations (kVp, amperage, filter, distance), custom exposure and dose rate calculations can be completed using the X-Ray Exposure Rate Calculator on this webpage.