Generators for power and HVAC

These guidelines should be tailored for the specific needs of the event or exhibit. Include the final version in the safety plan. 


Generators for tents and other outdoor events or temporary exhibits

  • DOF Electrical Services works with the generator vendors to ensure proper grounding and wiring methods.
  • Locate the generator a safe distance from tent, bldg. air intake, etc. Work with DOF and EHS to determine this location.

The generator vendor needs to confirm that their safety plan includes the following:

  • All generators are equipped with spill kits.
  • Generators will be parked on top of Spill Berms to make sure nothing leaks into the soil.
  • If the generator will be refueled, the fuel supplier will have spill control supplies on their truck.
  • [Vendor’s name] policy is to always have both the fuel driver and a Generator Technician present while generators are being fueled.

If there is a spill, the [Vendor’s name] representative will:

  • Start the clean-up process 
  • Call their own hazardous waste vendor (If the vendor doesn’t have one, delete this and add that the vendor will ask MIT to call our hazardous waste vendor.) 
  • Call the MIT EHS Office 617-452-3477 (8am-5pm) or the MIT Operations Center 617-253-4948 off hours. They will contact the EHS Environmental Mgmt. person to assess the situation, decide if we need to call the DEP, etc.