Patio Heaters

The Cambridge Fire Dept. prohibits the use of propane and kerosine powered Patio Heaters. Patio Heaters have the same hazards as propane grills. Grills are leak checked and constantly attended by a professional caterer, but Patio Heaters are not. Propane grills are not allowed within 25 feet of any building but Patio Heaters are usually set up next to a home or other building.


The normally high wind speeds at MIT will blow out the flame and the leaking gas could cause an explosion. If there isn’t enough wind due to surrounding buildings, this could lead to carbon monoxide exposure. Severe burns and/or clothing fires will result from touching the extremely hot surfaces.  


From NFPA: Total outdoor patio heater or fire pit injuries has nearly tripled in six years (1,330 to 3,608) from 2006 – 2012.