Fall Protection

Many jobs at MIT require the individual to be elevated or exposed to elevations.  Elevations over 4 feet are considered hazardous working conditions, yet still must be accessed.  To access these locations safely, the employee has many options to consider.  To help the MIT employees access elevated locations safely around campus the EHS Office has provided the following comprehensive SOP’s to follow;


Fall Protection / Personal Fall Arrest SOP

Focuses on personal fall arrest systems that can be utilized by MIT personnel, regardless of the location.  It is designed to assist the employees in recognizing the fall hazards, and establishing procedures to follow in order to prevent falls.  The Fall Protection / Personal Fall Arrest SOP offer the following documents;

  •  Appendix A:       Fall Protection Planning Work Sheet
  •  Appendix B:       Roof Fall Protection Assessment
  • Appendix C:       Donning a Full Body Harness
  •  Appendix D:       Personnel Fall Arrest Equipment Inspection Instructions
  • Appendix E:       Supervisor Equipment Inspection Sheet


Portable Ladder SOP

Discusses the two main types of portable ladders: stepladders (A-Frame) or extension ladders (straight), and the requirements for proper selection, use, and storage of these ladders at MIT.  The MIT Portable Ladder SOP offers the following document.

  •  Appendix A:       MIT Portable Ladder Safety Checklist

Following the above Fall Protection SOP’s allows MIT personnel to conduct their work at elevated locations while maintaining 100% fall protection.


Fall Protection Services

The Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Office is responsible for providing appropriate technical support to the DLCs covered by the Fall Protection/Personal Fall Arrest, Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP), and Portable Ladder SOP’s.  The following services are available from EHS:

  • Technical assistance to determine the best possible method of accessing work at elevations.
  • Training in recognizing fall hazards and proper equipment use (PPE, MEWP)
  • Field audits of elevated work methods and procedures
  • Assistance with the local implementation of MIT’s Fall Protection/Personal Fall Arrest, MEWP, Scaffolding, and Portable Ladder SOP’s